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A major test of a new approach to skills training for unemployed youth is underway in Palestine — one that uses a results-based contract to motivate a focus on securing sustainable employment, rather than just on completing a training course.

Hands-on life support training, part of the nursing employment project, implemented by Education for Employment-Palestine and Juzoor for Health and Social Development with support from the Finance for Jobs Youth Employment Development IMpact Bond (F4J DIB)

By Anna von Griesheim and Dalia Zileviciute (Social Finance) and Jalil Hazboun (Finance for Jobs Consulting Services)

Unemployment in Palestine is stubbornly high, especially for educated youth and women, in part due to a mismatch between skills required by employers and those available among young graduates. …

Some reflections on the themes that emerged during our recent expression of interest.

Photo by Matteo Vistocco on Unsplash

By Diana Howard, clinical advisor to the End of Life Care Team at Social Finance.

When the End of Life Care (EOLC) team at Social Finance launched the new Macmillan Fund for End of Life Care in May 2021, it wasn’t clear what interest would be generated. Mid-pandemic, would practitioners…

Three insights from our partnership with the Essex Recovery Foundation on how to involve the community in commissioning.

Photo by Tomasz Woźniak on Unsplash

By Madeline Goldie, Senior Analyst at Social Finance

Commissioning can be perceived as arcane, and characterised by confusing jargon and regulations. However, it’s also one the biggest levers councils have to impact people’s lives, with £23.5 …

A dashboard can help turn data into an accessible format to help leaders make meaningful decisions.

Dashboard with sample data

By Sarah Churchill, Associate in the Health & Social Care team at Social Finance

A dashboard is a great asset to a service, system or frontline clinician to help them influence change and create impact for an individual and the wider system. This is particularly evident in end of life…

Our recent webinar considered how innovative finance can help tackle the truly global challenge of supporting vulnerable populations into work during — and after — the pandemic.

By Romana Khan, Associate at Social Finance

Covid-19 has created an unprecedented economic shock. Countries across the world face huge challenges getting people back to work. This challenge is particularly pronounced for vulnerable populations, who already faced significant barriers to employment prior to the pandemic.

In some contexts, entire…

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We combine social and financial insight to help our partners make a difference to enduring problems — where outcomes are poor and costs of failure high.

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