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Our recent webinar considered how innovative finance can help tackle the truly global challenge of supporting vulnerable populations into work during — and after — the pandemic.

Five lessons we learnt from developing an international data prize in mental health.

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What do you do at Social Finance?

Why do you like working for Social Finance?

A look at the key funding challenges that mine action contends with today, and three potentially promising solutions.

Man walking next to a minefield in Angola. Credit: Scout Tufankjian | The HALO Trust

Social impact bonds provide a way of funding contracts to deliver improved outcomes, with payment linked to achieving results.

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The digital tool has the potential to provide better information on vulnerable children, meaning fewer end up in care.

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How The Skill Mill found a new path to impact.

The Mental Health and Employment Partnership marks a major milestone.

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Frontier tech offers an opportunity to measure whether a project has achieved impact, but there are barriers to adoption.

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Social Finance UK

We combine social and financial insight to help our partners make a difference to enduring problems — where outcomes are poor and costs of failure high.

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